A Belly Full of Pork

So, beginning yesterday I've been making Pork Belly, 16 hour Pork Belly to be exact, at 70°c for 16 hours in a vacuum bag. The time and temp came from Chefsteps Fat Duck-Inspired Ultimate Pork Belly which was inspired by the book The Fat Duck.

The recipe on the Chefsteps site calls for brining the pork belly for 96 hours in the brine solution. I didn't do this, in fact I didn't do a damned thing from the Chefsteps site besides cooking the Pork Belly for 16 hours. Why? Because I'm not that bloody organised! It's my first time making pork belly and really I just want to try some hopefully melt in your mouth pork belly.

To go with the Pork Belly (and so I can stop saying Pork Belly) I've made braised black lentils using the recipe from Chef John over at Food Wishes Braised Beluga Lentils it's the first time I've made these but I do love the combination of lentils with the acidity from the vinegar and the fat of the pork so I'm hoping I've gotten at least halfway to something rather decent.

Of course these lentils were sous vide as well at 84°c for 90 minutes, to a cup of lentils I put two cups of stock with diced carrot, celery and because I couldn't find a white onion or spring onions or anything onion that I would want to add to this I used a leek which I also finely diced sweated in butter salted the hell out of it threw it all in a sous vide bag and tossed it into the water bath.

Hows that for lazy cooking!