A Meal V0.1

So tonight I had

Chicken Thigh: 74c for 90 minutes, I got the temp and time from The Food Lab, J. Kenji López-Alt suggests that the chicken thigh will end up with a texture similar to steak and he was right except its super juicy, tender chicken steak.

Asparagus: This was using butter at 85c for 10 minutes, came out delicious and aldente, not sure if it's the texture I love or not yet but the taste is definitly better sous vide cooked rather then any other style.

Carrots: Same deal, a touch of butter, 60 minutes at 85c came out stunningly good

times came from random google searches

Polenta: This was cooked in a bag with the carrots, 100g of polenta, 400ml of stunning chicken stock, 150g of milk and a huge amount of butter.

The time, temp and polenta to liquid ratio came from two places Great British Chef & Polyscience Cularnery

I used the types and kind of used the ratios but went a touch ligher on the liquid. I did experience a problem of the Polenta collecting at the bottom of the back and it cooked but it was very solid so I had to take the bag out of the water and massage it quite a bit to lossen the polenta back up. Still delicious though!

I made a pan sauce using the juices from the chicken bag, a touch of chicken stock and some Dijon mustard just reduced until it became thick.

Couldn't ask for better food!