Yoghurt the first

So, today I'm trying my hand at making yoghurt using the sous vide. I've added 1L to a large glass canning jar along with 50g of powdered milk and 30g of very nice sugar (I like my yoghurt with a touch of sweetness)

I've put this into a sous vide bath at 82c and i'll leave it along for a couple of hours. They say that by bringing the milk to above 80c for a little will unravel the proteins and help create a thicker yoghurt which I've done in the past by putting the jar into an asparagus pot and putting it on to simmer for an hour or so, it certainly helps with the thickening.

After a few hours I'll transfer the milk to two pots, cool down the water bath and let them go overnight at 40c.

Fingers crossed!